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Free RiverFront Yoga

Bringing the community together is what we do! Join us as we help to raise funds this summer for the city of Pittston. Why not get outside to start your day along the river!

Most Sunday mornings from June 17th through August 26th we will be holding Yoga and Barre classes (as scheduled below) from 10:30am-11:30am.

If you are a monthly member of Home Yoga & Barre, these classes are FREE for you! Just one of the perks of being part of our loving community. If you have a class pass or are a non-member, these classes are NOW FREE! But any amount of donations are welcome to donate to the Pittston community for allowing us to hold classes here.

Help us bring some more fun to the Pittston area!

  • July
    • 1st: Joleen Gai - Yoga
    • 8th: Lisa - Yoga
    • 22nd: Kayla Wolthoff - Yoga
    • 29th: Kayla Wolthoff - Barre
  • August
    • 5th: Jen Brilla - Yoga
    • 19th: Kayla - Yoga
    • 26th: Holly - Barre