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Women's Circle - Vision Boards

A women’s circle is a group of like minded women coming together to empower each other, support each other and grow together. Within our women’s circle there is no judgment, only love, support, understanding and acceptance. 

Each month we will focus on a specific topic designed to help us grow together and as a group. 
January we will be setting intentions and creating vision boards. Please bring an open mind, an open heart, magazine pictures and/ or words that resonate with you. 

Feel free to bring your choice of snacks or beverages. 

Cost is $20 for non members or $5 for members, which includes those with class passes, monthly unlimited passes, and contracts, excluding the new student special. Members can pay cash or check on the event date, just email if you plan on attending.

Friday January 26th 6pm-8pm

Brewga: A Yoga & Beer Tasting Event

Join Alyssa Miller from Home Yoga & Barre in West Pittston - for an All Levels yoga class held at the Susquehanna Brewing Company located at 635 S. Main Street in Pittston, PA. This will go from 11am-1pm on January 27th.

Please bring your mat if you have one or reach out to Alyssa at if you need a mat, in order to reserve one. We will start with the yoga class inside the brewery, and each person will receive a two pints of beer for tasting! This is included in your ticket price. Feel free to relax and hang out in the new tasting room!

How do yoga and beer go together? Health is a BALANCE, right?! When we do yoga, so often students immediately leave a class. Here, we are encouraged to hang out and learn about those around us. Being social is a great way to relieve stress!

Total cost for this event is $20 - beer and yoga!

Crystal Healing with Georgia Bone

On Sunday, January 28th, get grounded after the holiday season, and incorporate self love with crystals.

During this workshop style class with Georgia Bone, we will discuss the practice of smudging, learn a smudging prayer, and incorporate the usage of bringing several crystals into our daily lives incorporating the significance of using crystals. We will discuss how to use certain stones for daily ailments and healing purposes. What stones to use to help you sleep better, and to ground, and attract abundance. The placement of stones in the home will also be discussed, as well as ways to cleanse the stones. Bring any crystals you have to be cleansed as a part of this class. Hope to see you here. 

$20 Pre-Register
$25 Day of


Beginner's Yoga One Day Breakdown

Join Alyssa Miller in a Beginners Yoga workshop! Alyssa will cover everything from the basics of a yoga practice over this 1.5 hour workshop. Along with becoming more comfortable just being in a yoga studio, you'll learn correct alignment of postures, safety during your practice, breathing techniques and the benefits of yoga - whether they be mental or physical. Everyone's practice is different!
This workshop is for men and women.
We welcome everyone and and any questions - feel free to ask us!

Email us at and check out this page on our site for anything you should know to begin your yoga practice. :)

Date: February 10

Time: 10:30am-12pm

Cost: $25

Crystal Healing Bracelet Workshop

Reiki is a natural and non-invasive way to relax your body and thus allow your body to naurally relieve stress, anxiety and help you feel centered and at peace. While you may not be able to attend a Reiki session every day, there is a way to capture that energy and use it as you need....Reiki Infused Bracelets.

This class will educate you about various stones and crystals as another remedy for healing the mind, heart, and soul and then each participant will be able to create their own bracelet using stones specific for their own area(s) of healing.

At the end of the session, each bracelet will be infused with Reiki so the bracelets will be ready for immediate use.

Investment is $35. RSVP's are needed by February 7th at the very latest. Pre-payments are required to hold your spot at the workshop.

If you've ever been interested in learning more about crystals or Reiki for healing, this is a class you won't want to miss.

Feb 11th - bracelet making workshop.png

Self Love Sound Healing

"Modern science is now in agreement with what the ancient mystics have told us, that everything is in a state of vibration, from the electrons moving around the nucleus of an atom, to planets and distant galaxies moving around stars. As they're creating movement, they are creating vibration, and this vibration can be perceived of as sound. So everything is creating a sound, including the sofa that we're sitting on, or this table, or our bodies. Every organ, every bone, every tissue, every system of the body is creating a sound." Jonathan Goldman

What is sound healing?

All mystical, conscious work, including sound healing, yoga, meditation, the martial arts and more are about connecting to an infinite source of creative potential. Techniques vary but the goals are similar: to conduct the life force more dynamically through the body/mind of the human being. This focused energy is then applied toward healing, well-being and creative expression. The instruments are pure channels of love and vibration that flow through each and everyone's bodies to assist in self healing. Ultimately it is up to each individual to give themseves permission to re-balance what is out of balance in their body. Sound healing is for people of all types. Just like everyone can benefit from a massage, so too, everyone can benefit from a sound session. Sound healing is akin to a massage for the mind, body and soul. When partaking in a sound journey one is bathed in sound. The multi-layered tones, and waves of sound wash through and over the body. The instruments tune the physical body and soul to its greatest possible resonance. The resonance effect induces a deep meditative state where there is "no mind." Negativity and thinking is suspended, irregularity and resistance are cleared, and ones being is reset to a state of harmony, balance and alignment. The sound vibrations travel to where the body requires. Some people have reported an emotional release, while others have reported various physical symptoms have disappeared, such as headaches, backaches, and even some long term physical symptoms. Many speak of feeling energized for days afterward. What is felt most often is a pervading sense of calm, deep relaxation, and peace.

"Sound is the medicine of the future." Edgar Cayce

Join Melanie Malia from 7pm - 8:30PM on February 13th for this workshop at the cost of only $20! The perfect way to self love before Valentine's Day - ideal romance! :)

Reserve your space ASAP as this event has sold out several times elsewhere. :)



Barre at the Bar

Calling all barre babes! Home Yoga & Barre will be teaming up with Sabatini's Bottleshop & Bar on Saturday, February 24th from 10am-12pm to bring you Barre at the Bar!

Cost is $20.00 per person. This includes a 1 hour barre class taught by Alyssa Miller, and two 10 oz beers per person.

Grab your mats, get your sweat on, and join us for a drink and chatter afterwards!