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Here is our May Schedule beginning May 1!

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4:15pm Yoga Level 1 with Lisa

5:30pm Yoga Level 2 with Brittany

7:00pm Yin Yoga with Jodi


6:00am Yoga Level 2 with Alyssa

4:15pm Kid's Yoga with Diane F.

5:45pm Barre with Katie D.

7:00pm Gentle Candlelit Yoga Level 1 with Alyssa

8:05pm Guided Meditation with Jen (Every Other Tuesday - See Facebook Posts)


9:30am Yoga Level 1 with Diane F. 

5:45pm Barre Express (45 Min) with Lucy

7:00pm Yoga Level 3 with Joleen


6:00am Yoga Level 1 with Joleen

4:30pm Yoga Level 2 with Jen

5:45pm Yin Yoga with Brittany

7:00pm Barre with Holly


6:00pm Yoga Level 2-3 with Rotating Teachers

(unless a workshop is scheduled)


8:00am Yoga Level 2 with Alyssa

9:15am Pilates & Barre with Katie C.

10:15am Yoga Level 2 with Diane S.


8:00am Yin Yoga with Jodi

9:15am Barre with Kayla

7:00pm Restorative Yoga Level 1 with Diane