I never had love for the gym, long hours on a never ending treadmill was always torture for me! When Alyssa told me about Home and Yoga and Barre I always wanted to go but always kept it on the back burner (which was so silly). A friend of mine told me, "you need to check out Joy's Pilates and Barre Class", so I did. That was it, I was hooked! It wasn't just Joy's class but Barre itself that just clicked with me.

I fell in love with barre and continued taking classes more and more. Don't get me wrong, it's a love/hate relationship but nothing has kept my attention this long and made me feel so great! I am so much stronger and so much more balanced and I don't have to pretend I am running to Jamaica while on that horrible thing they call a treadmill!

I was so excited to hear that they were looking for more instructors and hopped right in to get my certification! I am so excited to now teach and learn with all the clients that walk in and out of the studio and help them get just as excited as I was and still am about the fantastic world of Barre!

Join Holly on Thursday's at 7:00PM!