The Benefits of Partner Yoga

If you follow our events, you probably noticed that we hosted a "Partner/Couple's Yoga" class at Purple Squirrel Pastry Company across the bridge on Main Street in Pittston.

We know some of you mentioned you wanted to attend and missed it - well not to rub it in, but you missed out. ;)

The event was a blast! We had a great group of couple's show up to support both of our local businesses! They got to enjoy a local coffee brand and tons of treats made by Purple Squirrel! If you haven't tried their goodies, you've got to. They are out of this world. The red velvet cupcakes - that was the BEST cream cheese icing I have ever had, and I ALWAYS get red velvet everything! 

Before we got to the treats, we enjoyed treating each other to an hour of partner yoga followed by some thai massage.

Benefits of Partner Yoga

  • Creating Intimacy: There's something really great about learning to move with your partner into and out of postures and feeling them breathe.
  • Teamwork: Nothing says teamwork like trying not to fall over when your backs are against each other in a tree pose.
  • Communication: A majority of relationship issues could be solved with better communication, so this allows us a new environment where it is essential to the practice to communicate with your partner.
  • Learning TOGETHER: Whether you're learning about each other's strengths and weaknesses, or learning a totally new thing, like listening to your breath and learning yoga from scratch - you're doing it together.

The best part? Everyone can do it! We had several beginners in the group including my own boyfriend, and they all did great! Everyone had fun and moved slowly, working with their partners getting into the postures.

Once we finished the physical postures, we did some thai massage, allowing one partner to relax while the other gently rubbed out their arms and legs. Obviously, it felt good.

Stay tuned for when we will have another!

Why Do Yoga

You've seen more businesses popping up with this word "YOGA" very prominent in the names. The first you heard of this was on the 90's TV show, "Sex And the City". Since then, you've wondered what yoga is, and why - mostly - women like it.

If you're not aware, September is National Yoga Month. We won't get into the history of yoga just yet, since that is enough for a whole other post, but I will tell you that there are a whole slew of reasons you should try yoga!

  1. Exercise. Yoga is relaxing AND it is a form of exercise. Search YouTube and you will find yoga practitioners effortlessly flowing through a yoga practice - except they aren't effortlessly doing anything. Yoga is more difficult than it looks, mainly because our bodies are so tight! Which leads me to our next reason.
  2. Flexibility. You lift weights alot. You run. You also sit at a desk everyday and drive a car to get to that desk! This all leads to us being tight AND weak - regardless of what you may think - a tight muscle is NOT also a strong muscle. Yoga improves our range of motion, which improves all of these other activities and also our comfort level and strength while doing them!
  3. Stress Relief and Better Breathing. These two are tied together for good reason. While practicing yoga, you will learn to breathe through the nose and not through the mouth, usually. This is because inhaling and exhaling through the mouth actually increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Nasal breathing increases your lung capacity and circulation of blood throughout the body, making it able to detoxify itself, and this way of breathing increases performance during runs and other activities! Try it and see!
  4. Weight Management. We aren't burning a whole ton of calories in most yoga classes, but we all know that when we are stressed out, aren't sleeping enough, overtraining or not getting enough water - our body is in a state of stress. Therefore, our body secretes a hormone called cortisol. This is something that bloats a majority of us and stores belly fat. We are "off balance" in some way when this happens. Well, yoga regulates this hormone. It brings us physically and mentally back to balance. Yoga also helps us to be more mindful of our body and mind, which also means being more thoughtful about what we are eating, which often comes with the side effect of losing weight.
  5. Present. A good asana (physical yoga) and meditative practice will help bring you to the present moment. It encourages us to accept things and people as they are. It changes our perspective and allows us to enjoy just "being" rather than always moving forward.

These are only a few of the ways yoga can improve your life. If you'd like to learn more about yoga, join us for our Beginner's Workshop this October! Click here for more information.