The Third Chakra

During some classes, you may have experiences a guided meditation dealing with the chakras.

Our focus today is discussing the Third Chakra, which is located near the belly button. This chakra is usually identified with the color yellow and deals with the ego, willpower, and action.

A Balanced Third Chakra...

If you're third chakra is balanced, you'll feel motivated, self-confident, purpose, self-motivation, and unattached to things or people.

Are you feeling indecisive, a lack of control, or low self-esteem? Doubting yourself? This means your third chakra is BLOCKED

How does one unblock the third chakra? You know those core strengthening postures we despise in those! Another great one is boat pose.

Just like having a blocked third chakra decreases self-confidence, there's also a such thing as an overactive third chakra. An overactive third chakra deals with obsession with power, control issues, anger, and perfectionism.

How can you soothe an overactive third chakra? Postures like crescent lunge with a twist, side crow, revolved triangle, and bow pose.

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