A Small Daily Change...

We all want that feeling we get from a yoga class without having to go to a yoga class. Many call this "bringing yoga off the mat", and that is what it is. 

At the start of a yoga practice, we often "set an intention" - something we need from yoga, or something we would like to let go of - that can be applied in our daily lives.

 By being grateful daily and having a gratitude practice everyday, we can make huge changes in our lives!

A teacher of mine once told me that gratitude is a powerful thing. That you think of one thing or person for which you are grateful for and it leads to another and another.

We have SO much to be grateful for everyday and yet we focus on the things we wish were "better".

So here is one way we can all bring this into our lives - starting a Gratitude Journal and writing a list of 5 things we are grateful for every single day as soon as we wake.

Watch what happens over a short period of time. How do you look at the world, now?