Thank You!

Home Yoga & Barre is just over one year old. 


Above is a photo from our Outdoor Sunday morning yoga classes on the Pittston City Riverfront. One of the treats this community has shared with us. Both myself and the teachers thank YOU for showing up every week or every month or a few times a year - whatever works for YOU. We thank you because we wouldn't exist without you special people. 

I can't tell you how many classes I've taught and immediately felt lighter and more passionate and reminded that THIS is why I teach yoga and why I enjoy creating this space alongside teachers like Tom, Brittany, Christine, Lucy, Katie, Holly, Sam and Liz. Days that it seemed near impossible to teach, you reminded me of this. It may seem impossible, but every "student" that has come to my classes has been a "teacher" to me. I've had some very difficult months ranging from February through August, and many of you know a great deal when it comes to my grandma who was attending classes three times a week at this time last year.

West Pittston is her home, and now that is slowly becoming less of a "home" for her at this time, it is still mine. I have somewhere to grow and find love and comfort thanks to each of you that continue to spend time with me at the studio. I am SO grateful for that and I know our teachers are as well.

So thank you for voting for Home Yoga & Barre as your favorite/best yoga studio in the Greater Pittston area in the Sunday Dispatch. We are still such a young community and I hope that we may all continue to grow and love together!