A Morning Routine & Anxiety

So I began an early morning routine. Basically, due to my anxiety, or maybe my messy sleep patterns caused the anxiety - who knows - I decided to make it a regular routine to go to bed at 10pm and wake up at 5am.

Now, I am still transitioning, but even when I awake around 5:30am, I am able to leave for work at 7:30am refreshed, focused, awake, and ready to take on the day!

I made this decision after doing much research on the topic of self-care and observing my own habits and productivity.

Here's how it goes...

  • 5:00am - 5:30am Wake Up
  • 5:30am - 6:00am Workout/Yoga/Coffee and Read a Book (Depends on the Day)
  • 6:00am - 6:10am Meditate
  • 6:10am - 6:20am Journal
  • 6:20am - 7:00am Shower and Get Ready for Work/Tidy Up
  • 7:00am - 7:30am Eat Breakfast and Relax before Leaving

Much of this is self-care. I used to do meditation, yoga or workout, journaling - in the evening and wouldn't feel grounded for the majority of the day. This way, I ground myself first thing and feel refreshed so I can tackle work tasks efficiently and in a more balanced way.

Studies have shown that people who wake up earlier are more productive and more focused. This time in the morning also helps us to feel free to express creatively for a few hours. After reading Big Magic, I know this is much more important than most of us think - to live creatively. It's something we need to do to get back into our skin every day. It keeps us grounded and secure. We are aware of our priorities when we are creatively living and just going with the flow. 

I am grateful for this routine, because it has helped me to go with the flow once more after several months of battling much more extreme anxiety than I have in over 5 years.

Give it a try! 

4 Ways To Calm Anxiety

I've dealt with my fair share of anxiety attacks over the years. It's worse depending on what I'm dealing with in my life and if I'm allowing myself to FEEL, or if I'm suppressing things. Having anxiety attacks isn't a bad thing either. It's nothing to be ashamed of, which is something I've been working on accepting, myself. Anxiety attacks will happen to most of us during certain situations, but learning to take a step back, remember where you are at this exact moment, and checking in with WHY you feel this way is what will help to stop the anxiety attacks. 

Thoughts spiral out of control and one simple and small thing turns into a huge scenario and changes the way you think about yourself and your life in a matter of minutes. It takes practice to learn about YOU and get to know yourself to learn that these thoughts aren't usually true and that you are alright. You are alive. Live.

So I wanted to share some things I've been doing everyday or a few times a week when possible to get to know myself again at this moment in my life. 

  • Wake Up An Hour Early And Meditate Daily.
    • This may not come as a surprise here in helping to manage anxiety. I've gone through phases in life where I meditated and journaled every single day and noticed the difference it had on my life, but I always lost this practice somewhere along the way. I also lost most of my self-care routine in the last year and a half dealing with a death in the family, grief, personal guilt, career changes, and more. Feeling guilty for allowing myself to get so far from my own self-love only makes the struggle to recover more difficult. This is something I realized meditating everyday. It gets harder before it gets better. I cried every single day for two weeks while meditating daily. I continued because I knew this is part of the process - breakdown to break-through. Then, one day I felt good again. And a week went by without sadness. But it happened again. And when it happens, I now allow it. In yoga, we aren't stopping feelings. We are allowing the feelings to come and pass so we can be present again. 
    • Something that's helped me to commit to this routine every single day is using the Insight              app on my phone. This is free and it gives you a ton of options for guided meditations,                    sound healing and more.
  • Journal Daily.
    • This is a practice I'm always grateful for. It's something that I've done through many of the transitioning periods I've had over the last few years and it has helped me to realize re-occurring themes and where I need the most work. It allows me to realize which chakras I need to work on and what the root of my problems are - that the thoughts aren't really true. It keeps me present. 
    • I make sure to continuously acknowledge what I am grateful for every day. Some things that help me stay present all day is journaling about the people I love and writing down all of my favorite things about them and what I wish to remember about them, always. Their laughs, the sound of their voices, funny quirks that they hold, etc. When I go back to read these, they help me remember why I am in love with all of these people, because it's easy to forget sometimes.
  • Take A Bath.
    • This is something I've been doing minimum once weekly. Not only is this a nice thing to do for your body, but it helps your mind decompress. I draw a warm bath with epsom salt and sometimes herbs or the Mr. Teal's lavender epsom salt if I'm taking one before bed. I've always been a person that felt the most free in water. I was a kid and you couldn't get me out of the ocean or pool. I itched to be in the water. I'm still this way. It rarely scares me.I can be out there surrounded by this beautiful water that the earth supplies us, knowing there is another country super far away from me and someone else swimming in the same water across the world. It makes me feel free and connected to everyone at the same time. A bath is the closest I can get to this feeling at home. I can let go. The water will support me and I will be okay here. I will also burn a candle to help me feel cozy and relaxed. Sometimes I'll meditate here, read a magazine or a good book, or do a face mask. Sometimes I'll simply allow myself to be. I'll watch the flicker of the flame for 25 minutes and not think of anything else besides that I am okay and my life is good.
  • Don't Look At The Phone.
    • This one took me forgetting my phone at home one day when I went to work. I almost turned around to get it and thought to myself that this was ridiculous. What did people used to do? The phone I have known is a source for my anxiety. I am always reachable and anyone could demand my time whether I am hanging out with family or my boyfriend - answering a phone call from a stranger was more important. This is what we are trained to expect by having cell phones. We are trained to believe that we don't claim our own time. We always have to be "on". This is not healthy. I don't care what anyone tells you - this is NOT being present. I do have a business, and that day I forgot my phone, I thought it was going to go up in flames while I was working, and then I remembered, I'm at work - what can I do about the studio while I'm there? If something happens, I'll find out later. Either way it was out of my control and wasn't something I needed to worry about. Worrying does nothing. So I was 100 times more present that day. I left work and had a peaceful drive home. I got my hair done and had genuine conversations without the worry of "what am I missing". Not only this, but I didn't look at social media all day, so this is something I am making more of a goal for myself. I will look at people I know and post some things, but I won't scroll through Facebook or Instagram anymore. I feel like I have 15 more hours everyday, I'm sleeping better, and I'm more present in my relationships and following my heart. 

These may not be incredibly surprising things, but they are working for me. I hope they work for you, and if you try them, give them time. Give yourself time to have a break-through. You're alright and you are loved.