Thank You!

Home Yoga & Barre is just over one year old. 


Above is a photo from our Outdoor Sunday morning yoga classes on the Pittston City Riverfront. One of the treats this community has shared with us. Both myself and the teachers thank YOU for showing up every week or every month or a few times a year - whatever works for YOU. We thank you because we wouldn't exist without you special people. 

I can't tell you how many classes I've taught and immediately felt lighter and more passionate and reminded that THIS is why I teach yoga and why I enjoy creating this space alongside teachers like Tom, Brittany, Christine, Lucy, Katie, Holly, Sam and Liz. Days that it seemed near impossible to teach, you reminded me of this. It may seem impossible, but every "student" that has come to my classes has been a "teacher" to me. I've had some very difficult months ranging from February through August, and many of you know a great deal when it comes to my grandma who was attending classes three times a week at this time last year.

West Pittston is her home, and now that is slowly becoming less of a "home" for her at this time, it is still mine. I have somewhere to grow and find love and comfort thanks to each of you that continue to spend time with me at the studio. I am SO grateful for that and I know our teachers are as well.

So thank you for voting for Home Yoga & Barre as your favorite/best yoga studio in the Greater Pittston area in the Sunday Dispatch. We are still such a young community and I hope that we may all continue to grow and love together!



Summer Yoga Challenge

We are excited to be hosting our first Summer Yoga Challenge group!

The challenge will run from June 6th through August 31st.

That’s more than 70 days!

It is FREE to enter into the challenge and be eligible for prizes. Some prizes include our NEW tanks that we are currently having designed, and a TOP prize of a SPA OFFER of up to $250 at Theory Salon & Wellness in Kingston!

In order to be eligible, you MUST input your email into the form located below...

*Instructors not included.

Name *

If you’ve ever wanted to be more consistent in your practice, now is the time! Everyone who comes to 30 classes or more over those 70 days will receive a tank. The person with the MOST classes attended all together will win the spa package of their choice. *Barre classes are included.

A scoreboard will be created and kept up at the studio, so you can see how you're doing all summer long!

The cut off for registering is JUNE 3. Sign up before then to be eligible.

What Is Required?

If you’re already a member of Home Yoga & Barre, then this won’t cost anything to enter! Just use your class passes as usual!

If you don’t have a contract, you’ll want to grab our Summer Special – 3 months of unlimited yoga for Adults $230 / Students $199.

Not sure you could make this work? 30 Days out of over 70 means an average of 3 days a week of yoga!

That’s doable, right? ;)


The Benefits of a Salt Bath

It may sound strange, especially if you're not a "bath person". Personally, I (Alyssa) enjoy taking showers, but I LOVE epsom salt baths! I mainly enjoy them right after a super long run - ya know, like a half marathon. ;)

Most people are deficient in magnesium. Epsom salt contains magnesium. Being that many things we take orally are in fact not absorbed, when we take an epsom salt bath, the magnesium is absorbed by our LARGEST organ - our skin. 


Benefits of salt baths...

  • Better nutrient absorption (being that they help eliminate toxins through our skin while we are bathing.)

  • Muscle ache relief

  • Stress relief

  • Speeds up healing

  • Improves skin hydration

  • Joint pain relief

  • Improves sleep (especially this one! It contains lavender.)

Mixing just one to two tablespoons of this salt into the bath will help you have a nice deep evening of sleep and relaxation. 

Questions?! Ask us!

The Benefits of Partner Yoga

If you follow our events, you probably noticed that we hosted a "Partner/Couple's Yoga" class at Purple Squirrel Pastry Company across the bridge on Main Street in Pittston.

We know some of you mentioned you wanted to attend and missed it - well not to rub it in, but you missed out. ;)

The event was a blast! We had a great group of couple's show up to support both of our local businesses! They got to enjoy a local coffee brand and tons of treats made by Purple Squirrel! If you haven't tried their goodies, you've got to. They are out of this world. The red velvet cupcakes - that was the BEST cream cheese icing I have ever had, and I ALWAYS get red velvet everything! 

Before we got to the treats, we enjoyed treating each other to an hour of partner yoga followed by some thai massage.

Benefits of Partner Yoga

  • Creating Intimacy: There's something really great about learning to move with your partner into and out of postures and feeling them breathe.
  • Teamwork: Nothing says teamwork like trying not to fall over when your backs are against each other in a tree pose.
  • Communication: A majority of relationship issues could be solved with better communication, so this allows us a new environment where it is essential to the practice to communicate with your partner.
  • Learning TOGETHER: Whether you're learning about each other's strengths and weaknesses, or learning a totally new thing, like listening to your breath and learning yoga from scratch - you're doing it together.

The best part? Everyone can do it! We had several beginners in the group including my own boyfriend, and they all did great! Everyone had fun and moved slowly, working with their partners getting into the postures.

Once we finished the physical postures, we did some thai massage, allowing one partner to relax while the other gently rubbed out their arms and legs. Obviously, it felt good.

Stay tuned for when we will have another!

Meet Brittany!

You may have taken several of her classes at Home Yoga & Barre - let's face it, you probably have. Brittany is a great team player and fills in for us ALOT! We love her and so do many of you, but how much do you know about her? That's why we started this series, introducing Brittany to YOU!


1. How long have you been a yoga teacher?

I have only been teaching yoga for 6 months. Though I am new to teaching I feel I'm exactly where I should be. 

2. What brought you to yoga?

I was introduced to yoga by a relative who also teaches at Home Yoga & Barre , Tom. It was love at first down dog. Shortly after I found my passion for yoga, my sisters health, which was already a struggle, drastically took a turn for the worse. We lost her. I then dedicated my practice to her and promised myself to help others the way I wish I could have helped her. This mission led me to become certified to teach yoga and share my findings with those who share my passion. 

3. How has yoga changed you? Physically and/or mentally.

Yoga has changed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yes, I'm healthier physically but mentally, I am also grounded. I feel like I can "hold it together ", live with less anxiety, and just breathe.  

4. What intrigued you about teaching at Home Yoga & Barre?

The environment of Home Yoga & Barre is truly like no other. I walk into this studio and relief overcomes me. Alyssa and Jonelle have created such a place that's not just another studio or a class at a gym. The other instructors are also a huge contribution to its "home like" comfort. 

5. What's your favorite post class meal or snack?! 

I can eat the bark off a tree after a good yoga practice (so I'll eat anything in my path!) 

6. Complete this phrase..."On a typical Saturday you can find me..."

On a typical Saturday you can find me anywhere my loved ones are ♡. 

Join Brittany on Thursdays at 5:30PM for Intermediate Yoga, Sundays at 7PM for Yin/Yang, and Mondays at 5:30PM for Intermediate Yoga!

How To Fall Asleep Faster

Insomnia is a HUGE problem in America and all over the world right now. Our pace through life is so fast. We are always striving to increase knowledge, skills, life experience, titles - you name it, we have probably pushed ourselves to get it. All of this forward thinking takes us out of the moment. We stop being present, and where is life really? It is NOW. Not in 10 years when we have that family and kids or grandkids. It is happening everyday. What we all need to remember is to enjoy the process of reaching our dreams. Enjoy the moments of struggle, because they will lead to plenty of gratitude when we finally reach that goal.

This is a reason why we can't sleep well, and insomnia can lead to multiple health issues. Some mild effects that may be noticed are weight gain, increased stress and anxiety, less energy, increased blood pressure, etc. Of course these can become more serious over time. Sleep is more important than we often think, so if you are consistently getting under 8 hours of sleep nightly, come to yoga!


Yoga has been proven to help us fall asleep faster, and ask some of the students at Home Yoga & Barre! Because in yoga we are focusing on increasing our lung capacity and breathing so much slower, this helps us to release the physical tension in our bodies. An example of physical tension - those tight and active muscles! This then allows our minds to slow down, decreasing that anxiety and depression, allowing us to enjoy the present moment we discussed earlier in this article. Take a class and notice if afterward you are moving more peacefully throughout the rest of your day!

Here are some great yoga poses to do at home to fall asleep faster.

A Small Daily Change...

We all want that feeling we get from a yoga class without having to go to a yoga class. Many call this "bringing yoga off the mat", and that is what it is. 

At the start of a yoga practice, we often "set an intention" - something we need from yoga, or something we would like to let go of - that can be applied in our daily lives.

 By being grateful daily and having a gratitude practice everyday, we can make huge changes in our lives!

A teacher of mine once told me that gratitude is a powerful thing. That you think of one thing or person for which you are grateful for and it leads to another and another.

We have SO much to be grateful for everyday and yet we focus on the things we wish were "better".

So here is one way we can all bring this into our lives - starting a Gratitude Journal and writing a list of 5 things we are grateful for every single day as soon as we wake.

Watch what happens over a short period of time. How do you look at the world, now?

Aromatherapy At Home

It's almost the end of the year, which means it is holiday season! What comes with the holidays? Stress

Many of us have a difficult time balancing life at this time of the year. We fall off of our routines, eat differently, feel more anxious - so what CAN we do to help take care of ourselves?

Yoga and meditation - that mind and body connection - is so important during these stressful times, but sometimes we just want to stay home and relax during the winter. We have another great option for you!

While wrapping gifts, enjoy some candle form!

This one is special during the holiday season - hence why it is named Holiday Cheer.

How does aromatherapy work?

When inhaled, the essential oils (used in aromatherapy) are absorbed into the blood stream and they send a signal to the Limbic System. This system is where our emotions are located in the brain. This is why essential oils can help with so many things like lifting depression, calming anxiety, and more!

What are the ingredients in these candles?

Holiday Cheer is a 100% natural hand poured aromatherapy candle made with soy wax, Cinnamon Leaf essential oil, Clove Bud essential oil, Douglas Fir essential oil, Sweet Orange essential oil, Atlas Cedarwood essential oil, Juniper Berry essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, and LOVE. :)

As a combination, these oils are shown to "improve mental clarity and mood, reduce signs of anxiety and stress, regulate appetite, fight fatigue and insomnia, congestion, headaches, and colds."

What are the benefits of each of the essential oils in Holiday Cheer?

  • Cinnamon Leaf essential oil: Balances the body and helps with the transmission of neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. Imbalances in these two chemicals in the brain is related to depression.
  • Clove Bud essential oil: Acts as an anti-inflammatory. 
  • Douglas Fir essential oil: Helps to clear the sinuses as well as helping with breathing and any respiratory issues.
  • Sweet Orange essential oil: Alleviates anxiety, depression, anger, and any inflammation in the body, like having a cold .
  • Atlas Cedarwood essential oil: This is a grounding and calming essential oil. Great to reduce stress.
  • Juniper Berry essential oil: Purifies the air and is a relaxant that does not act as a sedative.
  • Rosemary essential oil: Acts as a decongestant, helps with staying focused and helps memory retention.

Light this candle anytime this winter when you need a little "yoga" and mindfulness at home!

These candles are created by Kristen Miller, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach studying Herbalism. Check out her website here! Kristen provides services through Home Yoga & Barre, and her candles can be purchased or pre-ordered at the studio.


Helping the Community

If you've been to the studio, you probably know about our "Karma classes" that are held on various Fridays each month. These classes donate 100% of the proceeds to the designated charity for that particular month.

For November we decided to stick with the holiday theme and give to a local food bank through the First United Methodist Church of West Pittston.

We are holding an Aromatherapy Gentle Yoga class tonight at 5:30pm to help the church and their food bank.

Can't make it tonight?! Swing by on Black Friday! We are having a FREE Gentle Yoga class that morning at 9:30am to get moving post-Turkey day and raise some extra funds and goods for the church!

If you'd like to help them out in other ways, visit the church's website and learn about their other fundraisers!

Meet Joy!

You've seen her name on the schedule the last two months. You've thought about possibly coming to Pilates & Barre on a Thursday night, but something else came up. Maybe you've come to Joy's classes before, and you've loved them - but you don't know much about her. 

We are bringing Joy to YOU! Learn a little more about our instructors on our blog every so often as we interview and introduce them to you in a different way! You may learn something about them you wouldn't have expected! :)

1. How long have you been a Pilates and barre instructor?

I've been teaching Pilates for almost 5 years.  I always used many Barre moves in my Pilates classes, but just recently began teaching Barre.


2. What brought you to teaching Pilates?

I fell in love with Pilates over 10 years ago.  Fitness was just becoming part of my life and I broke my foot.  As I was healing I began doing different Pilates videos at home to just get moving and somewhat active again.  I couldn't believe how long and lean it made me feel.  Over the course of a few months I noticed the strength in my core and everywhere else and my flexibility was remarkably improved.  I also loved the feeling of finally mastering a move I never thought I could and that I always had to modify.  I always explain to my students how important the modifications are...they truly make you stronger.  I simply had to share my love of this practice with others and that's why I decided to get certified.  

3. How has Pilates and barre changed you? Physically and/or mentally. 

Pilates has certainly changed me both physically and mentally.  Physically I am so much stronger than I was before I starting practicing.  The strength I built in my core as a result of Pilates, made so many other types of fitness doable for me.  I am also much more confident and I am very happy and proud of my body.  Before I discovered my love for Pilates, my weight was a constant struggle.  Pilates changed that.  In addition to the physical benefits I reaped many mental ones.  I learned the importance of patience. 

Next, I learned the importance of consistency  and perseverance.  I needed all those things to practice Pilates at the level I do today and that carries over to daily life.      

4. What intrigued you about teaching at Home Yoga & Barre?

After taking a few months off from instructing I was so excited to join the team at Home Yoga & Barre.  I couldn't wait to get back and share my love of of yoga, barre and Pilates with others.  I absolutely love the way the studio is so involved in the community that it is located in.  I think that's so important.  Of course, I also looked forward to working with Jonelle and Alyssa and meeting new friends in fitness.    

5. What's your favorite post class meal or snack?! 

This is a tough one!  I usually make protein shake that combines protein powder with frozen berries, spinach, almond milk and flax-seed.  Currently I am also obsessed with Quest protein bars, the chocolate peanut butter is my favorite!    

6. Complete this phrase..."On a typical Saturday you can find me..."

On a typical Saturday you could find me spending time with my husband, our families, or our friends.  I normally get up and get my workout done in the morning so I have the rest of the day to do what I need to.  My husband and I are big football fans, so during football season you could find us watching Penn State!  

Join Joy this Thursday evening at 7pm for Pilates & Barre! Why not try something new and get ready for the weekend?! 

You CAN Do Yoga!

"But I can't do that!"

This is the most commonly heard term of negativity for yoga teachers.

But is it true? Not in the least.

Sure, there are more advanced practitioners that enjoy seeing their practice change, but some yoga practices serve mainly for relaxation and meditation and TRULY listening to what the body needs - which for some of us may only be gentle movement. 

A few weeks ago, we mentioned Yin Yogaand now we are introducing you to another yoga class that is on the Home Yoga & Barre schedule several times weekly - Gentle Yoga.

In gentle yoga classes, and in most classes for that matter, students are encouraged to move and breathe at their own pace, listening to the body and when something doesn't feel right. You don't HAVE to do anything in yoga classes. :)

Gentle yoga finds its place in studios between Yin Yoga and Vinyasas. It is slower than a vinyasa and more on the mat like a yin class, but it is usually accompanied by shorter holds in postures than yin classes. It is just as relaxing as yin yoga, but involving more breath and movement combinations. Everyone can do this! A good teacher will give a few variations to a particular yoga pose. This is what makes Gentle yoga classes perfect for the beginner to go to!

Wanting to relax after work and fall asleep a little easier? Join Alyssa for Candlelit Gentle Yoga Tuesday nights at 7pm and for a morning Gentle Yoga class Saturdays at 8am!

We Listened to YOU!

Remember when we sent out a survey last month?! You told us your thoughts, and we listened!

As of yesterday, Home Yoga & Barre is now two months old and we feel it is the perfect time to reveal our NEW prices to you!

As a yoga community that feels it is important to give everyone the opportunity to practice yoga and barre, we felt it necessary to make it more affordable for YOU!

Yoga and barre are such great practices to really connect with who you are and to feel grounded during tough moments in life. It gives each of us a safe place to grow and be still. That is why we are so excited to announce this!

Pricing of Class Passes...

Class pass pricing for 5 and 10 classes will remain the same. 5 class passes are $55.00 and 10 class passes are $100.00.

Monthly Pricing...

This is where things get EXCITING!

Our Monthly Unlimited pass was $90. We lowered it to $85!

Think we stopped there? Nope.

The Monthly Unlimited 6 month Auto Renew pass has been lowered to $75, and the Monthly Unlimited 12 month Auto Renew pass has been lowered to $65!

That's right, you can enjoy yoga for as low as $65 a month and take as many classes as you would like to!

Need a breakdown of the price per class for each of these? Check out our pricing page!

That's not all we are changing up to please YOU!

A new schedule will be revealed for November!


Barre 101

So you've seen our posts on our daily schedules, and this class that keeps popping up - "bear-ie".

We've heard this a bunch of times since we have opened and think it is time to let you know what Barre ("BAR") really is!

If you're looking for a basic description of this class and its benefits, check out this post!

Barre is a very underestimated workout, and it is MORE than "just a workout"! Both, Jonelle and Alyssa - owners of Home Yoga & Barre - are no strangers to lifting heavier weights in traditional gyms. 

"I was surprisingly sore for a few days after my first few Barre classes," says Alyssa.

We often hear that people want to become more "toned" and want to get back into shape - well this will help with that!

The light weights used in barre provide enough resistance to really pump up your muscles, but also elongating and stretching them in some of the movements of Barre. After each "pump" movement, classes usually involve some variation of yoga and elongation - bringing blood rushing to the area that was just working to lift the weight. This is what provides that "toned" look.

Barre is very low impact. Can't run or jump? Have knee issues? This workout may be for you. It is actually a great rehabilitation exercise that incorporates a good sweat and flexibility training all in one!

Barre is also more than a workout, in the way that our teachers encourage you to breathe throughout. Every movement is accompanied by an inhale OR an exhale, which will help you to relax the mind and release tension just like in a regularly scheduled yoga class.

Never tried Barre before? Join us! Our classes are small and intimate, so the instructor can properly help each and every student if they need to be corrected during movements, and all classes are appropriate for beginners.

Have more questions about Barre? Call us at 570-406-6030 or Email us at


The Benefits of Yoga for Kids

There are many benefits to practicing yoga at a young age, and kids love it! 

Here are some of the benefits of this practice for the little ones!

1. Reduces anxiety

2. Improved concentration 

3. Teaches them to react to situations differently 

4. A form of exercise for those that shy away from other activities

5. Improves flexibility

6. Helps kids recover from other activities like soccer and basketball 

7. Enhances self esteem and confidence by teaching kids to be patient and persevere 

Shana Meyerson, the founder of mini yogis (, a yoga studio Southern California that offers classes for kids, believes that yoga builds self-esteem and self-respect. "A child's yoga practice is a rare opportunity to experience play and focus without worrying about being wrong," she says. 

It's a great way to get kids out of their heads and into being present and noticing how their bodies feel. 

Want to find a kids yoga class near you?! Join us this weekend on Sunday, September 20 for a class! 

The Third Chakra

During some classes, you may have experiences a guided meditation dealing with the chakras.

Our focus today is discussing the Third Chakra, which is located near the belly button. This chakra is usually identified with the color yellow and deals with the ego, willpower, and action.

A Balanced Third Chakra...

If you're third chakra is balanced, you'll feel motivated, self-confident, purpose, self-motivation, and unattached to things or people.

Are you feeling indecisive, a lack of control, or low self-esteem? Doubting yourself? This means your third chakra is BLOCKED

How does one unblock the third chakra? You know those core strengthening postures we despise in those! Another great one is boat pose.

Just like having a blocked third chakra decreases self-confidence, there's also a such thing as an overactive third chakra. An overactive third chakra deals with obsession with power, control issues, anger, and perfectionism.

How can you soothe an overactive third chakra? Postures like crescent lunge with a twist, side crow, revolved triangle, and bow pose.

Some of you have asked us about the chakras. If you're interested in learning more about them, join Kelly Corazzi on September 19 for a great workshop! Click here to pre-register!

Break It Down: Warrior I

You may see a yogi go through a practice and think, "I can do that. What's so hard about yoga?", and it's not "hard", but it is complex. Every yoga posture has meaning. Today, we are going to break down one of the basic yoga postures. You will see this in multiple yoga classes at Home Yoga & Barre.

Believe it or not, this is a heart opener AND a hip opener - two areas of the body where stress and tension is held. This pose can do wonders for us physically and mentally!

Stepping or flowing into this pose, you will feel the calves, quadriceps, hips, abs, chest, and shoulders all activate and open. 

In this photo, the left foot is forward. The hips are square and facing forward. Ultimately we would like that left knee at a 90 degree angle. Because our models hips are tighter, she adjusts so the pose fits her own practice, by walking the back foot inward a bit, increasing that 90 degree angle.

The heart is open and the shoulders are relaxed. The back foot is pressing through the heel, opening the calf muscle, and it is turned slightly out to the right front corner of the mat for proper alignment. 

This posture is very grounding, so when you feel like you have so much energy in your mind and need to come out of the clouds, try this number out!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals in yoga, take a look and pre-register for our October Beginner's Series!