Yoga Teacher of the Month: Alyssa Miller

It’s time to feature the one and only Alyssa Miller!

This month, we asked Alyssa a few questions! With her new Barre Fusion class and other changes at the studio, we dove into a few different things with her in this month’s post. Read on to learn more!


1) When did you start practicing?

I began practicing yoga in 2012 more regularly after I went through a bad breakup and also suffered injuries from running. After a year of practicing consistently and learning to meditate I began my teacher training.  

2) How have you grown your practice over the years? 

I’ve grown from practicing for more physical reasons to practicing more to maintain my sanity and calm my anxiety. I’ve grown a lot in my life and dealt with some of the toughest circumstances over the last few years, dealing with loss of a job, uncertainty, loss of a loved one and more . Throughout this, I noticed my practice became more of my savior than I ever imagined. I definitely gravitate more toward yin and gentle yoga now in my practice. 

3) Tell us about your new class -- Barre Fusion! 

Barre Fusion is fun! I try and do a lot of multi muscular movements to give you the best booty burn in this 45 minute express class. Some of these movements are yoga postures that we incorporate light weights into. We will also finish class with a light flow, a savasana, and essential oils. I would definitely say there is a low impact cardio element in my style of teaching, but you never have to do anything you aren’t comfortable doing. Come try it! :) 

4) And a little about the new tea corner!

Yes! The new tea corner is so that everyone can enjoy a cup or tea either before or after a class! Most people come a little early to make and enjoy their tea. I make mine before class, too!

5) What is your favorite thing about practicing yoga? 

I think my favorite thing is the feeling of bliss afterward. I am able to go home and my mind is present. My to do list can usually wait and I truly slow down. It just helps me to focus on who is around me at that moment. 

6) What advice do you have for someone looking to begin a yoga practice? 

Just start! Don’t be afraid. We’re all silly in classes and I encourage you to laugh. Life is too short to be taken so seriously. We laugh when we’re present! Also, try multiple classes and teachers. Just because you don’t connect with one doesn’t mean you won’t with another.  

7) Favorite yoga pose and why?

Half pigeon. I have really tight unbalanced hips and this helps me to open up all over my body and also allows me to feel the most release.

Join Alyssa for class on Tuesday at 7 pm for Gentle Candlelit Yoga Level 1, Saturday at 8 am for Level 2 Yoga, and Saturday at 9:15 am for Barre Fusion!