Relationships and Anxiety

A few months ago I was dealing with my most serious bout of anxiety and panic attacks yet. The attacks were happening almost daily, with confusion about my purpose in life, feelings of not being good enough according to society's standards, and more - but then I stood in front of my Saturday morning yoga class to teach some of my favorite faces after several days of feeling "out of place". I felt comfortable. I felt confident. I had a place. With you. 

And it reminded me how to feel love. That I have so much of it in my life, but where I was somehow able to feel it the most when I needed it the most was in the community we've all created - together. 

Sometimes when we find ourselves anxious or struggling with some type of anxiety, we decide to retreat and pull away from people. We stop talking about what is going on inside our minds and we think we are alone and struggling, when, in fact, we are all together.

Many of us struggle with anxiety in today's world of technology and constant attachment to success. We all deal with the same things, and you'd be surprised what can happen when we open up to each other and come together.

For this reason, I am starting a Facebook Group for any "Homies" that wish to join. We can discuss topics we wish to, open up to each other, and provide tips for what helps each of us outside the studio. 

Yoga is more than what we do in class and on our mats, and I think it is taking it off the mat that is the hard part. This is what it is about - coming together and community, and we have a great one with lots of love! I want everyone to be able to feel how I felt that morning. I didn't feel alone. I felt like part of something bigger, and enough. I felt peace for the first time in three months.

Another way to dabble in some of this is to join in on our monthly Women's Circle. This will be a great safe place for women to come and just listen to each other and feel supported by each other. We will trust each other with confidentiality and create a bond. You'll see how easy it is to open up surrounded by the female energy.

Thank YOU for reminding me. Please join me in building a community of love to support each other!