How Plants Effect Our Health

Spring is here and you may notice a slight shift in your recent day to day life. Maybe you feel you want to become healthier. Maybe you want to learn something new. These are feelings that this time of year brings up. Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth. Just as plants die through winter, they begin growing back during the spring. Days become longer and we tend to go through this process with nature. Many of us begin to let go of things we have been holding onto, particularly relationships or jobs that were not allowing us to be the absolute best that we could be.

With nicer weather during this time of the year, many begin to focus on becoming healthier. This may mean beginning a new fitness regimen, beginning yoga or meditation, or maybe it's even simpler. 

Believe it or not, the easiest way to become healthier this spring is to add some plants to your home. There is more to these little guys than meets the eye. Plants can affect a variety of scenarios related to your health.

Improve Air Quality.

Did you know that the air inside is actually more harmful to us and more polluted than the outdoor air? It's true! Most of us work indoors and spend a majority of our time indoors. There have been studies on specific plants to test the levels at which they can cleanse the air. Placing a Peace Lily or some Aloe on your coffee table may work wonders for the air in your space, and they are also decorative.

Stress Reduction.

In this study from 2008, it was found that in-house plants reduce stress and help us to have a more positive disposition. Our society in America breeds comparison and the need to be "better" at many things. Depression and anxiety are becoming more widespread. Fight these feelings and allow yourself to disconnect when you arrive home from your day job, or at least handle some of these feelings in a more healthy manner. 


We actually become more productive when surrounded by nature. We are more creative and do some of our best thinking, versus those times we are surrounded by so much structure, on the highway or in the middle of a city. Think about it. When you take a mid-day walk during the workday, how does it help you the rest of the day? When you go for a run on a trail or on the beach by water, what comes to mind?

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