Meet Brittany!

You may have taken several of her classes at Home Yoga & Barre - let's face it, you probably have. Brittany is a great team player and fills in for us ALOT! We love her and so do many of you, but how much do you know about her? That's why we started this series, introducing Brittany to YOU!


1. How long have you been a yoga teacher?

I have only been teaching yoga for 6 months. Though I am new to teaching I feel I'm exactly where I should be. 

2. What brought you to yoga?

I was introduced to yoga by a relative who also teaches at Home Yoga & Barre , Tom. It was love at first down dog. Shortly after I found my passion for yoga, my sisters health, which was already a struggle, drastically took a turn for the worse. We lost her. I then dedicated my practice to her and promised myself to help others the way I wish I could have helped her. This mission led me to become certified to teach yoga and share my findings with those who share my passion. 

3. How has yoga changed you? Physically and/or mentally.

Yoga has changed my life physically, mentally, and spiritually. Yes, I'm healthier physically but mentally, I am also grounded. I feel like I can "hold it together ", live with less anxiety, and just breathe.  

4. What intrigued you about teaching at Home Yoga & Barre?

The environment of Home Yoga & Barre is truly like no other. I walk into this studio and relief overcomes me. Alyssa and Jonelle have created such a place that's not just another studio or a class at a gym. The other instructors are also a huge contribution to its "home like" comfort. 

5. What's your favorite post class meal or snack?! 

I can eat the bark off a tree after a good yoga practice (so I'll eat anything in my path!) 

6. Complete this phrase..."On a typical Saturday you can find me..."

On a typical Saturday you can find me anywhere my loved ones are ♡. 

Join Brittany on Thursdays at 5:30PM for Intermediate Yoga, Sundays at 7PM for Yin/Yang, and Mondays at 5:30PM for Intermediate Yoga!