How To Fall Asleep Faster

Insomnia is a HUGE problem in America and all over the world right now. Our pace through life is so fast. We are always striving to increase knowledge, skills, life experience, titles - you name it, we have probably pushed ourselves to get it. All of this forward thinking takes us out of the moment. We stop being present, and where is life really? It is NOW. Not in 10 years when we have that family and kids or grandkids. It is happening everyday. What we all need to remember is to enjoy the process of reaching our dreams. Enjoy the moments of struggle, because they will lead to plenty of gratitude when we finally reach that goal.

This is a reason why we can't sleep well, and insomnia can lead to multiple health issues. Some mild effects that may be noticed are weight gain, increased stress and anxiety, less energy, increased blood pressure, etc. Of course these can become more serious over time. Sleep is more important than we often think, so if you are consistently getting under 8 hours of sleep nightly, come to yoga!


Yoga has been proven to help us fall asleep faster, and ask some of the students at Home Yoga & Barre! Because in yoga we are focusing on increasing our lung capacity and breathing so much slower, this helps us to release the physical tension in our bodies. An example of physical tension - those tight and active muscles! This then allows our minds to slow down, decreasing that anxiety and depression, allowing us to enjoy the present moment we discussed earlier in this article. Take a class and notice if afterward you are moving more peacefully throughout the rest of your day!

Here are some great yoga poses to do at home to fall asleep faster.