Break It Down: Warrior I

You may see a yogi go through a practice and think, "I can do that. What's so hard about yoga?", and it's not "hard", but it is complex. Every yoga posture has meaning. Today, we are going to break down one of the basic yoga postures. You will see this in multiple yoga classes at Home Yoga & Barre.

Believe it or not, this is a heart opener AND a hip opener - two areas of the body where stress and tension is held. This pose can do wonders for us physically and mentally!

Stepping or flowing into this pose, you will feel the calves, quadriceps, hips, abs, chest, and shoulders all activate and open. 

In this photo, the left foot is forward. The hips are square and facing forward. Ultimately we would like that left knee at a 90 degree angle. Because our models hips are tighter, she adjusts so the pose fits her own practice, by walking the back foot inward a bit, increasing that 90 degree angle.

The heart is open and the shoulders are relaxed. The back foot is pressing through the heel, opening the calf muscle, and it is turned slightly out to the right front corner of the mat for proper alignment. 

This posture is very grounding, so when you feel like you have so much energy in your mind and need to come out of the clouds, try this number out!

If you want to learn more about the fundamentals in yoga, take a look and pre-register for our October Beginner's Series!