Barre 101

So you've seen our posts on our daily schedules, and this class that keeps popping up - "bear-ie".

We've heard this a bunch of times since we have opened and think it is time to let you know what Barre ("BAR") really is!

If you're looking for a basic description of this class and its benefits, check out this post!

Barre is a very underestimated workout, and it is MORE than "just a workout"! Both, Jonelle and Alyssa - owners of Home Yoga & Barre - are no strangers to lifting heavier weights in traditional gyms. 

"I was surprisingly sore for a few days after my first few Barre classes," says Alyssa.

We often hear that people want to become more "toned" and want to get back into shape - well this will help with that!

The light weights used in barre provide enough resistance to really pump up your muscles, but also elongating and stretching them in some of the movements of Barre. After each "pump" movement, classes usually involve some variation of yoga and elongation - bringing blood rushing to the area that was just working to lift the weight. This is what provides that "toned" look.

Barre is very low impact. Can't run or jump? Have knee issues? This workout may be for you. It is actually a great rehabilitation exercise that incorporates a good sweat and flexibility training all in one!

Barre is also more than a workout, in the way that our teachers encourage you to breathe throughout. Every movement is accompanied by an inhale OR an exhale, which will help you to relax the mind and release tension just like in a regularly scheduled yoga class.

Never tried Barre before? Join us! Our classes are small and intimate, so the instructor can properly help each and every student if they need to be corrected during movements, and all classes are appropriate for beginners.

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