Your Home Away From Home...

This is what we strive for at Home Yoga & Barre. Community and love is the most important thing we can give to each other. Alyssa Miller is the founder of Home Yoga & Barre and she continues to strive to help others feel as though they are comfortable in this space and also as though they are a large part of the studio's community - because each person that steps through the doors at Home Yoga & Barre IS.

The teachers and the students are all who make Home Yoga & Barre special, and we are very proud of the community that has been built over the first year.

In addition to the feeling of COMMUNITY, Alyssa believes it is even more important to get out in the community and make a difference. Some new and exciting opportunities to do this will take form over the next year.

Why? Community service is humbling. It helps us to realize how fortunate we are to live everyday, and that, to us, is much like the work we do spiritually on our mats everyday!

At Home Yoga & Barre, we are MORE than "a yoga studio".

Our Mission Statement...

Welcome to Home Yoga & Barre! We strive to inspire each other to believe in ourselves and to recognize the strength and honor in "being". We hope much of this will come through yoga practice, barre, laughter, a strong sense of community, meditation, and servicing others to make the world around us an even better place. There will be something for YOU here.

At Home Yoga & Barre we are all each other's teachers.